Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interview with Author Marianne Modica on the topic of Colorism in America today

I had the pleasure of meeting Marianne Modica, author of The R Word. She is an Assistant Professor in Early Childhood Education at Valley Forge Christian College. Her book focuses on exploring contemporary attitudes about race and stimulating discussions about present-day racial inequality on a structural level. As I was very interested in reading her book, The R Word, Marianne seemed to have shared a similar interest in reading my novel, Color Struck, which explores the concept of colorism from a young adult perspective. We became "instant" contacts and she was gracious enough to interview me for her blog: R is for Race. Honored by the invitation, I am pleased to share with you the link to read the interview, and also introduce you to Marianna's mission & purpose. Colorism Interview on R is for Race Blog, by Marianne Modica

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